April 2, 2021: a decision by the Alaska Supreme Court “remanded” (returned to) the case “Peter Metcalfe v. State of Alaska” to the Alaska Superior Court. It may be well into 2022 before further proceedings will determine how individuals will be reinstated into the State of Alaska’s tier system. WE WILL ALERT ALL THOSE WHO ADD THEIR NAMES TO OUR CONTACT LIST OF DEVELOPMENTS.

June ___, The State of Alaska filed a motion asking the court to enter judgment, basically saying the plaintiff won but “we’ll take it from here.”

June 24, The Choate Law Firm filed an opposition to the state’s motion, saying such a judgment would shift the responsibility for the case from the court to the defendant (the State of Alaska).

June 24, The Choate Law Firm filed a motion for the court to appoint a Special Master who would assist the court in identifying the members of the subclasses, determining the State’s liability for individual claims, correcting the tier status of class members, and computing the damage award for each successful claimant.